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Orbital welding is welding technology for the food and beverage industries

ATI Engineering Ltd offers the latest in orbital welding and fabrication technology enabling our expert staff to manufacture high quality and purity piping installations, valve banks and fittings. Orbital welding also eliminates crevices and voids frequently found in manual welds.

It has become the accepted method of joining piping systems in high-purity industries including food and beverage and is used for welding food grade and pharmaceutical process pipe work and fittings.

An orbital weld bead is smoother, providing a higher-quality weld that can be repeated consistently. After the weld has been performed there is no internal post-weld cleaning or grinding required. It does not need to be touched again.

Most pharmaceutical, food & beverage plants have piping systems that are designed to be cleaned in place (CIP). This means that the piping system is not disassembled for cleaning, but chemicals from a separate piping system are passed through the process piping for cleaning. Computer-controlled valves and transfer panels route the cleaning solutions through the proper system for cleaning.

ATI staff can carry out the work in-house or at a client’s premises. All in-house work is done under strict clean room conditions and undergoes thorough checks including leak and pressure testing.

Quality control and material traceability documentation can also be provided.

Orbital Welding Capabilities:

  • Tube: 1″ – 4″ tube
  • Pipe:  1″ – 4″ sch 10 pipe


  • RJT or Triclover to valves 1″ – 4″
  • RJT or Triclover to as drawn tees 1″- 4″
  • RJT or Triclover to bends 1″ – 4″

Orbital Tank Welder:

  • Tank Diameter 600mm-3300mm
  • Wall Thickness 1.5mm-3mm
  • Weld Type  Pulse Tig (Fusion)
  • Pulse Tig (Cold wire feed)

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